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All Books are selling for .75 each plus postage. Postage for one book is $1 and .25 each for additional books. This will be shipped Media Mail for this price.
If there is a group price and you are just wanting one book email me and we may be able to work something out.
Pictures avail upon request
Most are all schloastic Books
#2 Baby Sitters Little Sisters Karens Roller Skates
#3 Baby Sitters Little Sisters Karens Worst Day
#93 Baby Sitters Little Sisters Karens Cooking Contest
Island Book One
Island Book Two
Island Book Three
Shiloh (2 Copies)
Shiloh Season
The Littles
The Littles Go To School
The Littles and The Terrible Tiny Kid
The Littles Go Exploring
The Littles and The Great Halloween Scare
Mrs Piggle - Wiggle
Mrs Piggle - Wiggle's Magic
RL Stine The Adventures of Shrinkman
RL Stine Fear Street
RL Stine Beach House
Flat Stanley
Stanley, Flat Again
Stanley In Space
The Janitors Boy by Andrew Clements
The Landry News by Andrew Clements
Frindle By Andrew Clements
No talking By Andrew Clements (Hard Cover)
Things Hoped For By Andrew Clements (Hard Cover)
Beverly Cleary Socks
Beverly Cleary Ralph S Mouse
Beverly Cleary Runaway Ralph
Beverly Cleary The Mouse and The Motorcycle
Harriet The Spy
Katie the Kitten Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Isabelle the Dance Fairy by Daisy Meadows
The Day the Fifth Grade Disappeared
Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You
Hurricane Harry
Pony Pals Super Special #2 The Story of our Ponies
Pony Pals #13 The Girl who hated Ponies
Pony Pals #19 Moving Ponies
Animal Ark Bunnies in Bathroom
Animal Ark Collie with a Card
The Boxcar Children Mike's Mystery #5
The Boxcar Children Surprise Island #2
The Boxcar Children The Woodshed Mystery #7
The Boxcar Children Mystery of the Lake Monster #62
The Boxcar Children Lighthouse Mystery #8
The Boxcar Children Blue Bay Mystery #6
The Boxcar Children Mystery in the Old Attic #9
The Boxcar Children Yellow House Mystery #3
The Boxcar Children Mystery Ranch #4
Bridge To Terabithia
The Jewel Kingdom Jewel Princess and the Missing Crown
The Jewel Kingdom The Emerald Princess Plays A Trick
Bug Muldoon