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My baby is looking for a new owner who will be better able to provide the pampering and care she deserves. I've had this beautiful pony-car since November xxxx, garage-kept nearly all of that time, and rarely has she seen snow or rain. She's not in perfect condition; rock chips have taken a toll, as did the pheasant and the time the dog tried to jump on the hood. However, I've added a few modifications that I think you'll like: there's the cold-air intake and tuner combo, the GT 500 style 18" wheels and Goodyear tires, the GT 500-style spoiler, and the sequential taillights. I'm sure that a conscientious pony-car lover is out there who appreciates a red Mustang GT 5-speed for more than just its good looks and roaring exhaust. It's not just the joy of spring driving with the windows down, or summer road trips, either.I'm accepting certified checks in exchange for this one-of-a-kind vehicle.